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Buying & Selling in CL

Chimney Lakes Homeowner’s Association (HOA) has a mandatory initiation fee of $680, due at closing and an ongoing annual fee of $680 (payable in two semi-annual installments, January and July).

Be sure to have your closing attorney contact our Treasurer well in advance of your closing date so we can get them the required information needed to make your home purchase.

Our Treasurer can be contacted via email here:

Buying & Selling Info
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Any new owner should obtain the original key cards from the sellers at closing. If the key cards are not available or lost, there is a $20 fee per key card to replace them even for current homeowners.

Local Utilities

Electricity Provider – Cobb EMC

Natural Gas – You can choose from a number of resellers in Georgia. COBB EMC customers (electricity) get a special rate set up with Gas South you should take notice of.

Water and Sewer Provider – Cobb County Water System

Buying & Selling Info
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Trash pickup – One company, less trucks, less noise.

While you can choose ANY company for trash service, Chimney Lakes’ preferred vendor is Custom Disposal. The more residents that use one company, the less days we have trucks going through the subdivision.