Trash Pickup Preferred Vendor

Attention Chimney Lake Residents!

Chimney Lakes has negotiated a SPECIAL rate with BOSS for our trash collection. While this is NOT mandatory, It does save you a significant amount over the retail rate and is MORE that competitive with any other provider. Keeping the number of services provider down helps keep trucks off our streets! Find them at: or call 770-693-5777

A few reasons why is not a bad idea to use BOSS (Big Orange Sanitation Service):

  • They are a locally owned and operated in Cobb county
  • New clean and quiet trucks
  • The price is VERY low
  • Less trucks (from different companies) go through the neighborhood
  • Less noise (from aforementioned trucks)
  • Safer (Again, less big trucks)
  • Hard to forget trash day cause you will see all the containers as a reminder