Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety In Chimney Lakes

Safe driving is always a concern in residential neighborhoods such as Chimney Lakes. With many children playing and using the roads to meet with friends and get to the pool and play areas we must all take special care when driving. 

The best thing you can do to help with traffic safety is to diligently obey the speed limits and make complete stops at stop signs.  Leading by example is the best way to increase awareness of traffic safety. This will also help reduce shortcutters who may find Chimney Lakes as not so sort of a cut when behind a resident driving 25 and making complete stops. 

Cobb County Traffic Enforcement Contact Points

If you have concerns about traffic and safety our local police have asked to hear from you.

Precinct 4 direct: Phone: 770-499-4184
Special Operations MAIN: 770-499-3987
Special Operations Sgt. Pope direct: 770-499-4139 |
Cobb County Non-Emergency: 770-499-3900

FAQ’s Regarding Traffic Enforcement in Chimney Lakes

Traffic enforcement is not the primary duty of Cobb County Police coming after accidents, 911 calls and other public safety duties.

SPEED Enforcement: Road must meet certain criteria for patrols to use radar. In our Chimney Lakes radar can NOT be used for speed enforcement because of the rating of the roads, Johnson Ferry being the exception.

STOP SIGN Enforcement: Stop signs are a concerns for law enforcement and taken seriously. Cobb county precinct 4 patrols Chimney Lakes and is often watching the stop signs at the busier intersections.  They record video and do ticket for incomplete stops.

Areas with traffic enforcement needs should be reported to your precinct and they will make that and area of focus for patrols. The beat officers will be notified and will conduct specific enforcement as their time allows. An area that is productive for enforcement will tend to get them to stay longer. To be effective, concerned citizens should call on a regular basis to stay top of mind.

Our local precinct: Precinct 4 information here


Precinct 4 – Regular “beat” police patrols

Our local police department want to hear from us about traffic enforcement needs. When the commander of our precinct receives a request, they will email the scheduled patrols for that day and let them know of the request. Patrols have many duties besides traffic but when they do not have a “call” they will try to cruise the area

Special Operations – Targeted Traffic enforcement

Because the regular patrols have to prioritize emergencies, criminal offences and other public safety, Cobb county has the Special Operations department dedicated to traffic enforcement, the “Motor unit”. These are the motorcycles cops. See:

Sergeant Brian Pope is contact point 770-499-4139. He works with Sargent Napper

When a call is received they will put the patrol request in the rotation. It may take a few days to a week before they get here.

If they find the patrol was “productive” they will come back more frequently, if it was not “productive” they will move on to other assignments.

We were encouraged to call on a regular basis (once a quarter).

Precinct 4 direct: Phone: 770-499-4184
Special Operations MAIN: 770-499-3987
Special Operations Sgt. Pope direct: 770-499-4139 |
Cobb County Non-Emergency: 770-499-3900

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