Safety Committee


The Chimney Lakes Safety Committee was organized in 2015 to acknowledge the need for the residents of CL to take an active part on the public safety in the community and work together with private and public resources to reduce safety hazards in Chimney Lakes.


  • Identify current and potential CL public safety issues
  • Increase awareness of the need for safety
  • Identify available resources
  • Direct residents to the resources to help with their concerns
  • Lead by example as members of the community

Keeping Chimney Lakes Informed

The Safety Committee submits monthly articles to the Chimney Lakes newsletter. If you have an article to submit or a topic you would like to see published, please submit to us at

Issue & Concerns

If you have a safety concern the best way to resolve it is to volunteer. The Safety Committee is here to DIRECT you to the best resources for your issue so you can contact them. The goal of the committee is to help direct our residents to the appropriate resources to get their concerns addressed, not to be the enforcers.

Peer Incentive

Ask our concerned neighbors to lead by example by making good stops, maintaining reasonable speed and keep the committee’s goals top of mind in the community.

Speed Tables / Humps

DOT has made an evaluation of the community and we do NOT qualify to have a speed reducing devices installed.