Chimney Lakes HOA & Covenants

Chimney Lakes’s Homeowner’s Association is run by all volunteers.  Our charge is to provide an environment and amenities that will be beneficial to the community at large.  If you know of something that you feel might need attention, volunteers are always welcome! Let us know how you want to help the Chimney Lakes Homeowner’s Association.

Contact the entire Board:

Contact the ACC (Architectural Control Committee) 

Covenants, Restrictions, By-Laws & Design Standards

Below are links to the Chimney Lakes covenants, by-laws, restrictions, design standards, and articles of incorporation. They may not make for the most interesting reading but we suggest you review each of them so you can be an informed home owner.

Get Involved!

Our residents make the difference. Our HOA and board is run by volunteers and that is one of the things that gives the community its character and feel. Please consider donating a couple of hours a year to help keep Chimney Lake GREAT!  See the form below for areas you can help.